Friday, February 25, 2005

dilli ka traffic....ekdam jhakas

i woke up this morning singing "happy days are here again"....i mean what could go wrong with the world....the beginning of 4 day coll to attend...but i found out that this happiness to ephemeral...and soon vanished when i took a dust bath en route to ansal plaza where i was to meet a frnd...

einstein said that human stupidity is infinite and i found myself echoing the same thoughts when the "uncleji of the year" award recipient crossed the road looking in the direction opposite to that of the vehicles...wht made him do that we cannot ascertain...but it surely made me use my disc brakes to the fullest...i had barely put the incident behind my back when i was behind a bus,another bus was coming from the other direction...and the drivers must be buddies is my surmise since both stopped for chit chat not giving a damn about other ppl on the road...patience and me share the same relation as the japanese and spicy impatiently i waited

after their conversation i took my bike to the left side of the bus and i had hardly finished patting myself on the back tht wht i wonderful rider i was ,i saw a rickshaw coming wrong side was coming towards me...god bless india i thought and i waited for him to pass...

to consummate the ordeal,after a kilometre or two,we cannot be sure since the author was busy cursing the dilli traffic,overtaking a car,the driver of which decided suddenly that he liked to be on the right side of the road..needless to say without looking in the rear view mirror...and not a mild turn,a steep one at if he were to meet aishwarya rai if reached the rightmost side asap...

enough railing abt the traffic,went to M block market today in GK...made me realise tht delhi is d best place if u r looking for natural pulchritude...i languished at d fact tht NSIT is not near any such place

gtg now


At 6:48 PM, Blogger rahul said...

couldn't agree more!!!!!!!

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