Tuesday, February 15, 2005

To B.E. or not to B.E.

Since time immemorial,we have been befooled by the parents and the society alike,that once you get into engineering or medical,you wont have to work hard...After you overcome obstacles and beat thousands and thousands of people to get into a decent engineering college,they say all the slogging will be over after the 4 years of engineering,work hard and get a good job.Then you to beat another 1.5 lakh odd people to get into a top notch Bschool.You work your ass off and get into a IIM.If you thought that the hard part was over you are mistaken ,my friend...in a bskool you'd get hardly 5 hrs of sleep.and then the job which wont even give you the time to pause and think where you are going.All this rat race for whom......whts the point anyway.....

Why is the concept of education so twisted and skewed up...ask any bschool aspirant and ask him why do u want to do an MBA anyway...and he'll come up with all sorts of incoherent answers...how many people want to take up engineering coz they really really wanted to do so...hell we dont even decide our branch,our rank does...

many people take up career options because it is the logical thing to do...or the peers are doing it...or theres loadsa money involved...why dont people do something which comes from within...wht abt passion and doing what you really like...how many of us have the balls to stand for what we really believe in...Do we actually believe in anything...why are we involved in this futile and maddening rat race which has no finish line.....

i'll put an end to these musings lest you think that i've lost it completely

saw BLACK today....touching movie...i'd be decieving my blog readers if i said tht i was crying uncontrollably but i'll confess my eyes got moist couple of times during the movie....

my troubles seem so miniscule as compared to physically handicapped people...i mean here am i cribbing and whining about the fact that i didnt get any calls from IIMs...n there are ppl who dont get to see,hear or speak....imagine whts its like for them...someone has rightly said...I cried for I had no shoes untill I saw the man who had no feet.

we all should be thankful that we are really fortunate...n we should make a consentious (i'm pretty sure tht i've got the spelling wrong) effort to help the underprivileged....

with tht i'll sign off...



At 2:34 AM, Blogger Rohit Jain said...

hii rajesh... so true but still hard to accept... shud i lay the blame on human nature...yeah i will coz afterall m human too..

the last line of wat u posted appealed to me... v shud not let it go as just another 2 lines frm heart... let's put it to practice.. wat say

Rohit Jain

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Rohit Anand said...

max thass continues as always..wait till u get into an IIM...will c then what u tink

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Rajesh Hemnani said...

thts true...but the crux of the matter is...we dont take up things coz we like them...we like 'em coz we take 'em

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Rohit Jain said...

m quoting u - ' we like 'em coz we take 'em '

so does tht mean u enjoyed BE once u entered NSIT ???

man v just do it once v take it... coz v hav to.. v dont like it..
but for now i hav a feeling tht this is not going to b the case with mba, i hav taken it coz i like it ;)

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Rohit Anand said...

arre jain bhai...
ekdum senti on MBA eh?
the truth is that we r bitches runnin after moolah :)
i am too...viz why i am slogging my ass off for the IIMA intw :P

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Rohit Anand said...

just noticed something...the ppl posting comments here are roll nos...

bas richa reh gayi:P

Man...i am becoming too vella :(

At 4:25 PM, Blogger MaK-D said...

did u leave a comment on my blog?

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